JinkoSolar Completes the Largest Rooftop PV System in a Desalination Plant in Partnership with Soltec Energias Renovables

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), a leading global PV solar power product manufacturer, today announced that it has provided 804 kW of highly efficient solar panels to the largest rooftop PV solar installation located on a desalination plant. The location is in Murcia, Spain. The desalination plant is operated by the Spanish state-owned water company called Acuamed.

Construction of the14,000 mrooftop installation began in September 2012 and was completed within three months. Due to its optimized design, almost 100% of the available roof space is fully utilized. The rooftop installation will reduce harmful emissions by approximately 725 tons annually and is expected to produce 1.2 million kWh per year, roughly equivalent to the total electrical needs of over 500 households. The energy generated will primarily be used to power the energy-intensive process of desalination and to supply other operations in the plant in order to reduce energy costs.

By combining solar PV power generation and desalination, this self-driven and near-zero gas emission facility will significantly reduce the usual greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity demand for the desalination process.

“As the basic needs for fresh water have become more important, it is crucial to introduce the latest and cost-competitive technologies to power the energy-intensive desalination process,” said Mr. Arturo Herrero, Chief Marketing Officer of JinkoSolar.

“This is especially meaningful and a perfect match for regions that are short of fresh water but enjoy abundant resources of solar energy. In recent years, PV solar technology has seen a significant reduction in their production costs and has become an important and trustful alternative source of energy for desalination,” addedArturo Herrero.

Mr. Raul Morales, Chief Executive Officer of Soltec, commented, “We have successfully created synergy between PV power generation and water supply technologies. In recent years, we have completed projects in waste water treatment and drinking water plants for numerous customers, and we are currently developing PV pumping projects in Spain and Latin America.”


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