JA Solar’s Solar Cells Roll Off the Line in Yiwu Base

PVTIME – JA Solar, a leading manufacture of high-performance photovoltaic products, is pleased to announce that on May 27, the first high-efficiency solar cell was rolled off its production line of Phase II 5GW solar cell project in Yiwu Base, China, which means its construction target of the whole 10GW solar cells + 10GW solar modules project was completed a year and a half ahead of schedule.

JA Solar’s Yiwu Base was initiated in February 2020, and planned to be put into operation within 4 years, with an estimated investment of 10.2 billion yuan. The Yiwu Base was fulfilled earlier than expected, showing JA Solar astonishing construction speed while overcome many negative impacts, such as rainy, high temperature and the COVID-19 pandemic. JA Solar’s Yiwu Base is designed to be a model for high-quality digital factory for future development, and is one of strategic significance for JA Solar’s further expansion.