Hudaco Energy Becomes the Official Distributor of Sungrow C&I and Residential Products in Southern Africa

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has signed an agreement with South African clean energy champion, Hudaco Energy, to distribute the Company’s commercial & industrial (C&I) and residential PV and energy storage products in the Southern African market, supporting the long-term abatement of power supply and regional sustainable development.

Solar energy is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and abundant natural resources in Southern Africa, making it one of the solar hubs in the world. Due to increasing power outages in the region causing an electricity crisis and increasing demand for continuous power, several opportunities are expected for the solar energy market.

Hudaco Energy is a proud member of the JSE listed company Hudaco Group and a value-added distributor with global providers. “The addition of Sungrow to our portfolio of world-class products adds significant impetus to our drive to energize Southern Africa and optimize for cost and reliability. We are confident that Sungrow will play a large role in ensuring that Africans are not left behind in the race to produce and utilize clean energy from the sun,” said James Shirley, Managing Director of Hudaco Energy.

“This new partnership is a significant milestone for our Southern African distribution network. With Hudaco Energy we have one of the leading PV and storage distribution companies on our side as Hudaco Energy is known for its comprehensive and competitive approach. Sungrow’s commitment to the region by partnering with Hudaco is evidence that we are dedicated to providing ‘Clean power for all’,” commented Phyllis Yang, Managing Director of Sungrow South Africa.

According to the African Solar Industry Association’s report, the C&I and residential energy landscape is booming. Since its first entry into the Southern African market four years ago, Sungrow has established a local branch in Johannesburg and has been taking a leading position in the regional market. The Company is poised to commit more to the distributed generation power supply which provides communities with the benefits of solar power and decarbonizes local economies.