Helexia, a Subsidiary of Voltalia, Announces the Acquisition of Cap Sud, a Specialist in Solar Roofs on Agricultural Buildings

PVTIME – Helexia, a specialist in decentralised power generation and energy efficiency, and a subsidiary of Voltalia (ISIN code Euronext Paris: FR0011995588), announced  the acquisition of the Cap Sud group on March 31.

Founded in 2006, Cap Sud specialises in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of agricultural buildings, whose energy is either used by farmers or sold to the grid. Cap Sud currently operates 344 agricultural photovoltaic roofs representing a total of approximately 35 megawatts.

Established in 2010, Helexia, a subsidiary of Voltalia, is a specialist in on-site energy production on rooftops and solar shading systems, and in the energy optimisation of buildings. Although predominantly active in the tertiary and industrial sectors, Helexia also has experience in the agricultural sector with over 204 installations, representing 23 megawatts. In total, Helexia has a portfolio of long-term electricity sales contracts1 of 225 megawatts, multiplied by 4.4 since the acquisition of Helexia by Voltalia in mid 2019.

Since 2005, Voltalia has developed a portfolio of power plants in operation and under construction of 2 gigawatts and a service business active on three continents. Voltalia has seen its revenues grow by an average of 46.5%2 since its IPO in 2014. The company is particularly active in rural areas, especially in France, with its teams offering farmers partnerships to develop wind and solar projects on their land. In particular, Voltalia is developing agrivoltaic projects, such as the one in Cabanon, which will be commissioned in 2021, where agricultural production is supplemented by the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels placed above the land, thus providing the farmer with additional income to ensure the sustainability of the business while promoting more environmentally friendly crops.

In the current context of international tensions and high electricity prices in the wholesale market, the acquisition of Cap Sud will enable Helexia to further accelerate its growth in France in the rural and urban solar roofing sector, which fully meets the priorities of public policies in favour of local electricity production.

At the same time, the acquisition of Cap Sud by Helexia will enable the Voltalia group to offer farmers a wider range of products and services, while promoting internal synergies within the group and particularly enhancing the capacity of equipment supplies. In addition, a subsidiary of Cap Sud, My Sun, will strengthen Voltalia’s solar roofing business for private individuals, which it operates in partnership with major retailers such as Ikea and Leroy Merlin.

The Cap Sud group currently employs 110 people in various entities who will join Helexia and Voltalia: Gavriane, Cap Sud France, My Sun, Securisol and Buck&Co.

Following a liquidity crisis, the lead company of the Cap Sud group and some of its subsidiaries were placed in safeguard or receivership proceedings at the end of 2021. In this context, a call for buyers was launched, at the end of which Helexia and Voltalia were selected with the support of the employees. The purchase price (equity value) amounts to €5 million.

“I would like to welcome each of the 110 employees who are joining our teams. Together, we will succeed in accelerating the growth of Cap Sud’s activities, for which Helexia will provide operational support and new investment capacities. I am pleased to be able to count on the teams and managers of Cap Sud, to ensure the collective success of this strategic project for the group,” said Benjamin Simonis, CEO of Helexia.

With Cap Sud, Helexia and Voltalia will respond even better to the priorities of public policies aimed at accelerating local and renewable electricity production, in the current context of international crisis and high prices in the electricity market. Together, Cap Sud, Helexia and Voltalia will be able to offer farmers a comprehensive package of partnerships that include solar roofs on agricultural buildings, agrivoltaic projects, ground-mounted solar projects and wind power projects“, said Sébastien Clerc, CEO of Voltalia.

Next on the agenda: Q1 2022 revenues on April 20, 2022 (after market closing)