GoodWe Joins Forces with Daqo Group for Renewable Energy Business

PVTIME – GoodWe, the global leader in solar inverters and energy storage solutions, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Daqo Group Co, Ltd, a leading company mainly engaged in electrical, new energy, power electronics and intelligent components industries,

The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in key areas such as supply chain cooperation, market development, scientific and technological innovation and management improvement.

The two sides will integrate their respective advantages and strive to build a model of supply chain cooperation in new energy, electric power, digital power, etc. For market development, they will jointly promote the expansion of key customers, strengthen cooperation in overseas markets and build a good customer ecosystem. The research and development platforms of the two sides will be shared to enhance their scientific and technological innovation in energy storage and new energy power generation. For management improvement, the two sides will exchange and learn from each other in the fields of sales management, supply chain management, production management, intelligent manufacturing, customer service, human resource management and other fields related to corporate governance and operation management for common development.

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