Golden Solar, Gold Stone and NUS Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Perovskite/ Heterojunction Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Research

PVTIME – Recently, Golden Solar New Energy Technology Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as Golden Solar or the Company) announced that Golden Solar (Hong Kong) Solar Material Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company has sigh a Memorandum of Understanding for Perovskite/Heterojunction Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Project with Gold Stone (Fujian) Energy Company Limited (Gold Stone Energy), a strategic partner of the Golden Solar, and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The three parties intends to jointly research on the multi-junction heterojunction silicon solar cell-based device structures with perovskite top cell, perovskite materials, incorporating the perovskite technology to heterojunction solar cell structure.

The research cooperation will be launched exclusively by the research group of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore(SERIS) in NUS, in several phases, to reach an initial goal of perovskite/herterojunction silicon tandem solar cells with an expected energy conversion efficiency of more than 28%. And then to achieve the mass production of the solar cells by combining the perovskite and tandem-related technology of SERIS, the silicon wafer and heterojunction cell technology of the Golden Solar, and the heterojunction equipment technology of Gold Stone Energy.