Enphase Energy Launches New Home Energy Management Solution in Germany and Austria

The new IQ Energy Router family of devices integrates EV chargers and heat pumps with Enphase solar and battery systems

PVTIME – Enphase Energy. Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world’s leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, today announced the launch of the IQ™ Energy Router family of devices in Germany and Austria to enable the integration of select third-party electric vehicle (EV) chargers and heat pumps into Enphase® solar and battery systems. The IQ Energy Router integrates with EV chargers, while the IQ Energy Router+ works with both EV chargers and heat pumps.

The IQ Energy Router family of devices monitors and controls energy usage between an Enphase solar and battery system, EV chargers, and heat pumps. The devices work in coordination with the Enphase Energy System and deploy artificial intelligence-based solar production forecasting, consumption forecasting, and an optimization engine to maximize self-consumption, allowing homeowners to gain more savings.

“With rising energy costs, our customers are looking for ways to transition toward more clean, affordable energy to power their lives,” said Ingo Fischer, owner of enerix Mittelrhein. “The new IQ Energy Router gives homeowners more control over their home energy systems than ever before, helping to future proof their homes and maximize the value of their investments.”

“My company’s task is to advance the energy and heating transition without sacrificing comfort or prosperity,” said Bernhard Heinzler, managing director and owner of CAPSO GmbH. “Producing renewable energy locally and using it for the immediate needs of mobility and building heating are key to making the transition a success. Enphase components, especially the new IQ Energy Router, make it possible in an automated and efficient manner.”

“Providing customers the ability to monitor and control their solar and battery system to optimize leading home EV chargers and heat pumps is a game changer,” said Norbert Gabriel, owner of Elektrohaus GABRIEL GmbH. “The IQ Energy Router is simple to install and easy for homeowners to understand, and the Enphase App puts all the power in the palm of our customers’ hands.”

Enphase is working with EV charger and heat pump manufacturers to integrate their products with the Enphase Energy System. These third-party products are tested and certified in Enphase’s Home Energy Management Integration Lab and connect with the Enphase® App via the IQ Energy Router devices, offering a comprehensive energy monitoring and management platform. The devices are easy to set up and come with 24/7 customer support and a 5-year warranty.

“We’re witnessing a rapid acceleration of home electrification and clean energy adoption, and Enphase is now offering a complete solution to manage it all from a single mobile app,” said Marco Krapels, vice president of international sales at Enphase Energy. “The IQ Energy Router family of devices makes home energy simple, pairing world-class technology with leading customer service to create the best possible customer experience.”

The new Enphase home energy management products are expected to start shipping to customers in the third quarter of 2023 and will be on display for the first time at the Intersolar Europe conference in Germany on June 14-16 at booth: B1.140. For more information about the IQ Energy Router family of devices, please visit the Enphase homeowner website and installer website.