Enel Green Power Starts the Year With a Bang, Beating Its Previous Record With Over 3 GW of Renewable Capacity Built in 2019

  • By completing around 3,029 MW of renewable capacity worldwide in 2019, Enel Green Power1 set a new record, building approx. 190 MW more than it did in 2018 and reaching a total managed capacity of about 46 GW
  • The new capacity built in 2019 is set to generate around 9.3 TWh yearly, avoiding the annual emission of 5.85 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

CHANGCHUN, China, January. 13, 2019 /PVTIME/ — Enel Green Power (EGP) set a new record in 2019 by building around 3,029 MW of new renewable capacity all over the world, around 190 MW more (+6.5%) than it did in 2018.

We have beaten our yearly renewable capacity construction record thanks to the relentless work and dedication of our colleagues around the world,” said Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power. “This achievement sets a new benchmark for the whole sector, once again confirming our global leadership in the green energy business. Looking ahead, we will challenge ourselves with the aim to continuously set new records, in line with the Enel Group’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan which envisages a yearly average new capacity addition of 4.7 GW over the Plan period.

The new renewable capacity built by EGP in 2019 includes around 47 facilities, mainly wind (1,813 MW) and solar (1,193 MW). In terms of geographies, this new capacity is distributed as follows:

  • around 1,072 MW in Europe, mainly in Spain;
  • approx. 997 MW in Latin America, mainly in Mexico;
  • about 867 MW in North America, mainly in the US;
  • around 94 MW in Africa, Asia and Oceania, mainly in South Africa.

With the over 3 GW built in 2019, EGP now manages around 46 GW of total capacity, confirming it as the largest private renewable player at global level. This new capacity is set to generate around 9.3 TWh in a year of full operation, avoiding the annual emission of 5.85 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to the Enel Group’s goal of generating around 57% of its production from renewable sources in 2022.

EGP managed to beat this record also through the support of digital tools for design and site supervision, leveraging on an innovative approach that includes testing of robots for automatized installation of PV panels and cables, as well as the use of drones and state-of-the-art solar tracking systems. 

This milestone confirms Enel’s commitment to continue increasing its renewable footprint, as also highlighted in its 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, which foresees adding 14.1 GW of renewable capacity in the period to reach around 60 GW by 2022. The growth of EGP’s renewable capacity is in line with the Enel Group’s goal to fully decarbonize its generation mix by 2050, supporting the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 (Affordable and clean energy) and 13 (Climate action).

Enel Green Power, within the Enel Group, is dedicated to the development and operation of renewables across the world, with a presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Enel Green Power is a global leader in the green energy sector with a managed capacity of around 46 GW across a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower, and is at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into renewable power plants.

SOURCE: Enel Green Power SpA