842 Million Yuan! Xiamen Tungsten to Build Photovoltaic Tungsten Wire Project

PVTIME – Xiamen Tungsten Co.,Ltd.(600549.SH) announced that its subsidiary Xiamen Honglu Tungsten Molybdenum Industry Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Honglu or the Company) plans to invest 841.55 million yuan on photovoltaic tungsten wire production line with production capacity of 60 billion-meter in Xiamen Honglu Tianxiang Plant. The Project is expected to push the company to occupy the market of diamond wire bus bars for photovoltaics and enlarge the company’s business scale by further expanding the application of fine tungsten wires in non-lighting fields.

Xiamen Tungsten mentioned in the announcement that with the continuous shrinking of the traditional lighting market in recent years, Xiamen Honglu has to explore other fields for tungsten wire business, and apply other properties of tungsten wire in semiconductor and special conditions. The technical bottleneck of the original high-carbon steel wire is difficult to break through, while the tungsten wire discovered by Xiamen Honglu is the metal wire with the highest strength among the known metal materials, which can replace the original high-carbon steel wire with its advantages of high strength, extremely fine processability and good flexibility. Therefore, investing in the construction of a photovoltaic tungsten wire production line project, and developing the application of tungsten wire products in the photovoltaic industry and special environments, is in line with the company’s strategic layout of the tungsten industry chain.