650MW! AIKO Ink ABC Module Supply Agreement with Libra Energy

PVTIME – On 21 August 2023, Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (AIKO)(600732.SH), an enterprise that develops, produces, and sells solar cells, disclosed that it has signed supply agreement with Libra Energy, an importer, distributor and full-service wholesaler for products that generate sustainable energy and charging systems for electric vehicles.

AIKO will supply 650MW ABC module to Libra Energy. Gijs Stevers, CTO of Libra Energy, comments that AIKO’s products make a quantum leap every few years. He finds the new generation of fully back-contact ABC module products astonishing due to their aesthetic value and high efficiency. The ABC modules now have a peak power output of 465W for 2 square metres, which is 50w higher than PERC.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Libra Energy is a prominent full-service PV provider in Europe. Their focus is primarily on the market application of n-type high-efficiency modules while committing to delivering comprehensive services and support for sustainable energy solutions. The partnership between AIKO and Libra Energy is an important milestone, which not only consolidates their position in the European market but also enables them to expect broader development across the world.

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