545GW of Solar Cell Produced in China 2023

PVTIME – China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the production of PV products in 2023.

In 2023, the PV product industry continued to grow, with the total output value exceeding 1.75 trillion yuan.

Meanwhile, the output volume of polysilicon exceeded 1.43 million tonnes, up 66.9% year on year. Silicon wafers exceeded 622GW, up 67.5% year on year, and 70.3GW of products were exported, up 93.6% year on year.

Crystalline silicon cell production volume exceeded 545GW, up 64.9% year on year, and product export volume was 39.3GW, up 65.5% year on year. The production volume of solar modules exceeded 499GW, up 69.3% year on year, and the export volume was 211.7GW, up 37.9% year on year.

Prices of major PV products fell significantly throughout the year, polysilicon and module prices fell by more than 50%. And exports data generally showed a “volume increase and price decrease” trend.

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