2 Billion Yuan! PI of HDHM’s 10GW Solar Cell Project Operational

PVTIME – Wuxi Huadong Heavy Machinery Co,Ltd (HDHM) (002685.SZ), a China-based company specialising in the manufacture of ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes, rail-mounted gantry (RMG) container cranes, rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) container cranes, general-purpose gantry cranes, portal cranes and other types of cranes, announced on 8 August 2023 that the first phase of its 10GW high-efficiency solar cell production base in Jiangsu Province, China, has been put into operation.

This particular project was signed on 29 March and construction has since started. It is designed to produce 182/210mm TOPCon and HJT cells with a production capacity of 3.5GW and 6.5GW respectively. An estimated total investment of 2 billion yuan will be invested in the project, which is expected to generate annual sales revenue of 10 billion yuan and tax payment of 200 million yuan. Meanwhile, related jobs will be created for local people.

In addition, HDHM also invested 6 billion yuan in the construction of renewable energy projects in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, China, to expand annual production capacity of 10GW of high-efficiency n-type solar cells. Trial production is expected to be available in December 2023. Once the project is fully operational, the total annual production value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, with an annual fiscal contribution of approximately 300 million yuan and 1,300 jobs for local people.

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