150 Million USD Investment ! KSTAR Partners With CATL on Energy Storage Business

PVTIME – The ceremony of  energy storage manufacturing project was opened by KSTAR(Shenzhen KSTAR Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.) and CATL. The government leaders Guo Wensheng,Chen Guiyu and other government officials were present with CATL Vice-President Mr.Huang and KSTAR’ s Chairman Mr. Liu. The joint venture of KSTAR and CATL will focus on energy storage system PCS, battery packs (including UPS-integrated Li-ion battery packs, residential energy storage battery packs, and packs for small-to-medium Li-ion batteries of nonstandard size), as well charging stations and “solar+storage+charging” integrated products.

The Energy Storage Manufacturing project of KSTAR and CATL has two factories in the north and south of Xiapu Economic Development Zone, with an area of 20.69 hectares and 150 million USD investment. The initial investment amount of the plan is about 60 million USD. 2 production lines for energy storage PCS equipment and 2 whole production lines for charging piles will be built in accordance with the national industrial policy, as well as 1 production line of energy storage PACK. After the completion of the first phase of the north district project, the annual output of energy storage will be PACK1GWH, 12,000 sets of EV charging, and the annual output value of about 600 million RMB, creating more than 600 new jobs for the inhabitants.

As a supporting industry, energy storage will play a key role in the future of developing a low-carbon electricity system. Energy storage can supply more flexibility and balancing to the grid, providing a back-up to intermittent renewable energy. Internationally and locally, it can improve the management of distribution networks, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The ESS industry has broad application prospects in different scenarios such as traditional power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, power demand, auxiliary services and new energy access.

Energy storage is part of important business for KSTAR. KSTAR has been devoted to energy storage market since 2014. It has much qualified R&D experience and innovation technology, which has a mature complete production line of energy storage products, ESS, battery BMS, cooling system, fire control system, PCS, EMS, such as system integration capability, and can provide the micro grid solutions FM solutions, peak cutting solution, solar+ESS system solutions, etc,according to the market demand.

For KSTAR PCS, GSE series is a mature centralized three-phase energy storage bidirectional converter specially designed for large-scale energy storage systems,which has been widely used worldwide.  Isolated transformer can be integrated on the output side of the PCS if necessary. It can be used for peak shaving, frequency regulation and smooth the output of PV power plant. It is high reliability, high efficiency and low cost.