1.2GW! Huasun Bags Order for Everest G12R Cells

PVTIME - Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. (Huasun), a company with a leading team in HJT solar cell R&D and manufacturing, disclosed that it has sign cooperation agreement with a global renowned clean energy solutions provider, to supply 1.2GW of G12R rectangular HJT solar cells.

In addition, the two sides will join hands on the R&D on HJT technology, development on renewable energy projects, to promote the HJT products in the solar power market.

As the first manufacturer of rectangular heterojunction cells and modules in the PV industry, Huasun actively responds to the call for standardization in the size of solar cells and modules for the health development of the industry. Meanwhile, as the core product, Huasun’s Everest G12R rectangular HJT cells leverage the HJT3.0 bifacial microcrystalline mass production technology, and advanced silver-coated copper and SMBB processes on the 182mm*105mm half-cell silicon wafers, to reach an average conversion efficiency of 25.5% in mass production.

In 2024, Huasun will commie to provider reliable products, stable supply and service to overseas customers, to lower the carbon emission globally with PV energy, as it has delivered exceeding 3GW of PV products in 2023.

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