TCL Zhonghuan Raises P-Type and N-Type Wafer Prices for February 2023

PVTIME – On 4th February 2023 TCL Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (002129.SZ), a leading company manufacture and distributor of discrete semiconductor devices, issued its latest product prices for the month of February where prices across the board have increased.

Compared with the quotation on 31 December 2022, the price of p-type silicon wafers with different specifications is increased by 0.82-1.15 yuan/piece (14.94%-15.49%), while the price of n-type wafers is increased by 0.72-1.25 yuan/piece (12.41%-17.61%).

The prices of PV products in the supply chain have increased since the Chinese Spring Festival last month. The price of silicon material increased by an average of more than 50,000 yuan/MT (31%) to be 215,000 yuan/MT, compared with the price released on 18 January before the Chinese Festival.