Stunning New Inverters of Sungrow at Intersolar 2013

Sungrow participated in Intersolar 2013 with a series of new PV inverters.

Besides 5-30kW string inverters achieved great success in Europe, and the newly launched SG500MX at SNEC 2013 in Shanghai, Sungrow highlights three brand new inverters in this exhibition: SG800MX, the veiled central PV inverter; SG8/10/12KTL-EC-series string inverter, intelligent residential PV system, and SH10KTL, residential energy storage systems.

SG800MX, the outdoor inverter unit of 800kW, is one of the highest single-machine power PV inverters in the world. SVG function during night, operation temperature ranges -25℃~+55℃, and it not only meets German BDEW directives, but also obtains the certificates for grid-connection in America and Canada. SG8/10/12KTL-EC-series, featured with natural cooling function, higher conversion efficiency, lower cost and built-in monitoring system, is an intelligent residential PV system solution specially designed for Europe and America. SH10KTL is Sungrow’s latest product for energy storage system of residential PV plant. With energy storage function integrated, it can switch seamlessly between grid-connected mode and off-grid mode.

By virtue of its outstanding performance and superb technology, Sungrow has installed more than 3GW PV inverters globally by the end of 2012, of which 650MW is in Europe and America. SG30KTL, wall-mounted string inverter with the largest single-machine power in the world, has been widely used in European countries after its launch in 2012. With newly granted double “A” results from Photon’s test and VDE-ASIG reliability certificate, SG30KTL draws great attention of the visitors.

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in development of power supply equipment for renewable energy, especially PV inverters, other equipments and technology used in PV plant. Sungrow ranked as the 3rd largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world in 2012 by shipment. Among more than 1000 employees, over 35% are R&D engineers. Sungrow has representative offices and branch companies in Germany, Canada, Australia and other countries, sharing strong partnership with IBC, Krannich, PV Line and MY PV, etc.

Jack zhang of PVTIME


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