TBEA-GC-500KTL Grid-on Inverter Successfully Accesses the Grid India

May 25 TBEA- GC-500KTL Power Station Model Inverter developed by TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis Co.,Ltd has been successfully installed in Rajasthan, India and operated normally under the high temperature (almost 50℃). All performance of the inverter met the client’s requirements and successfully accessed the Grid India.

Rajasthan photovoltaic power plant is located in deep desert area, 200 kilometers of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The high power inverter TBEA-GC-500KTL provided by TBEA SunOasis is a non-isolated grid-on inverter, meets the State Grid requirements for the Low Voltage Ride Through, has equipped with upgraded Electrical and Structural design and lowest energy loss. It has won Golden Sun, TUV, ENEL, CE certificates and can be applied to the big photo-voltaic Grid-on power system under extremely hot or cold weather.

With its huge population, India has been concerning about the energy for living. Successful access of Rajasthan, India Project not only gave vigour to the solar market, but also proved the Indian clients’ recognition of the TBEA brand, at the same time, laid sound basis for the future market prospect in India market.


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