TSMC Solar Commercial-size Modules (1.09 Square Meters) Set CIGS 15.7% Efficiency Record

TSMC Solar Ltd. today announced confirmation by TUV SUD that its latest commercial-sized (1.09 m2) CIGS champion module has achieved 15.7% module total area efficiency. The new champion module improves on TSMC Solar’s previous 15.1% world record set in January this year. The module was produced using the current manufacturing equipment and materials at the company’s manufacturing facility in Taichung, Taiwan.

TSMC Solar Produces 15.7% Champion Solar Module
TSMC Solar Produces 15.7% Champion Solar Module

“Our new champion module not only pushed our efficiency record up by 0.6% points in just 4 months, but also achieved a record temperature coefficient of -0.26%/degree Celsius, showing our continued ability to improve our process technology,” said Ying-Chen Chao, President of TSMC Solar.

TSMC Solar also announced the introduction of its new TS-CIGS Series Model C1 module with nameplate power spanning 140W – 155W. The UL and TUV SUD certified module has an improved temperature coefficient of -0.31%/degree Celsius and has passed both the Blowing Sand Test based on IEC 60068-2-68 and the Salt Mist Ed.2 test.

“Our Model C1 modules deliver improved energy yield and reliability in high-temperature and desert environments and prove our ability to bring record-setting process improvements to market,” said Stephen McKenery, TSMC Solar Worldwide Sales Head.


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