Selecting the Best Inverter and Ensuring Stable Income Generation

SOFARSOLAR – With the rising cost of electricity and the shift toward cleaner energy, more and more people are looking to solar power as an alternative to conventional energy. The increasing maturity of solar power technologies and products makes it possible nowadays to turn residential, industrial and, commercial roofs into solar power installations.

For the end-user, a proper solar power installation not only allows to save energy or protect the environment but could bring up to 25 years of economic benefits. At the heart of the system, the inverter plays a major role, selecting the best inverter for your solar installation is key to ensure a stable income.

Making an informed decision is therefore paramount and necessary when you are looking at an inverter brand.

First, the reputation of the solar inverter brand is a good indicator of reliability and it is the first thing that you should check. Some brands such as SOFARSOLAR are specialized in string and hybrid inverters such as AC coupled energy and HYD storage inverters that are typically used in roof-top installations and storage systems.

SOFARSOLAR specializes in R&D, production, sales, and service of grid-tied inverters ranging from 1kW to 7.5kW (residential), 10kW to 255kW (commercial), and hybrid inverters ranging from 3kW to 20kW. SOFARSOLAR is one of the top 5 string inverter companies in China. Since its creation in 2013, the company has been constantly innovating and breaking ground and has gained a positive reputation of being reliable, efficient, and professional. It has now become one of the most renowned companies in power storage inverters throughout the world.

The second element to look for when you choose a brand is to ensure that their solar inverters are suitable to your solar installation capacity. This is an especially important consideration for smaller residential solar projects.

For example, if you want to install a small system on your roof, we recommend that you select one of our SOFAR G3 models. They range from 1kW to 3.3kW and were specially designed for single-phase systems. These inverters make private household PV systems especially powerful. One of the outstanding characteristics of the product is its lightweight of 5.3kg which allows a quick and easy installation. Moreover, G3 inverters support 40% overload on the DC side and have an efficiency of up to 97.7%. They can also deal with any challenges found on roofs, ensuring maximum solar yields and reducing electricity costs. G3 inverters all support integrated zero exporting function. Its WiFi and GPRS dongles handle six months of data storage. SOFAR G3 inverters are very popular among customers who were able to see them during exhibitions.

Furthermore, your project capacity will be decisive in selecting the correct solar inverter.

Zhong Qizheng, vice president of SOFARSOLAR explained that the availability of service support for the inverters is also a critical issue. As a matter of fact, product quality and product service are inseparable. Prompt service is one of the most important things to consider before selecting your solar inverter.

Most inverter manufacturers do not recommend customers to interfere or to try to repair their products, as it will generally cancel the product guarantee but recommend calling a certified technician in case of a problem. It is therefore important that your manufacturer has a good service network in your local area. In order to improve the level and timely response to its customers, SOFARSOLAR has built a long-term relationship with its distributors in more than 60 countries including Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Vietnam,Korea, Belgium, Spain, Poland,the Netherland, France, and China. It is also important to check if your local distributor is providing maintenance for your solar inverter as it will ensure minimum downtime in case of technical problems.

SOFARSOLAR is focusing on building strong competitiveness in its product and service development, which will contribute to raising standards and help SOFARSOLAR become a renowned inverter brand in the PV market.

When you are choosing the most suitable inverter for your solar installation based on strength, competitiveness, value for money, available service network, and stable income generation, SOFARSOLAR may be your best choice.