Samil Power Secures 2.6GW Projects in Xinjiang

On May 10 2012, Samil Power Co., Ltd. has a breakthrough in its PV business by signing an agreement in Xinjiang of the 2.6GW PV plants. The initiative will be delivered in five years, committing US$4.8 billion and making a significant contribution to the sustainable development in Xinjiang. This 2.6GW agreement facilitates Samil Power’s further expansion in its home market.

Goals of 12th Five Year Plan unveiled by National Energy Administration aim at establishing a competitive renewable industrial system, optimizing Feed-in Tariff program and supporting the application of distributed PV generation. Driven by positive governmental policies, Samil Power has set many great records in large PV project construction last year which include 200 MW project in Golmud Qinghai, 20 MW project in Wulan Qinghai, 20 MW project in Qinglongxia and 13.4 MW project in Suqian Jiangsu, etc. Despite of favorable polices, Xinjiang is blessed with rich solar resources as well. Sounded by mountains and suffered low rainfalls, Xinjiang is in favor of solar construction, with annual solar radiation of 3.3*105 J/(cm•a).


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