Risen Energy: Optimistic About Polish PV Market

Founded in 1986, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter refer to as Risen Energy), has witnessed its 33-year development, as of the beginning of 2019. As one of the world’s Top 10 PV module manufacturers and solution suppliers, Risen Energy has experienced fast-paced development in the past few years.

In 2015, Risen Energy’s annual production capacity reached 2.5GW. Ever since 2016, Risen Energy has been among “World Top 10 PV Module Manufacturers”; in the same year, the annual production capacity exceeded 3.1GW. In 2017, Risen Energy achieved the annual sales revenue of 10 billion Yuan, which made it a key member of the “Photovoltaic Ten Billion Sales Club”. In 2018, Risen Energy reached another milestone by completing the annual installation of 5GW; as of the end of 2018, Risen Energy has had a yearly production capacity of 8.6GW. According to BNEF, Risen Energy has also been listed as the Tier 1 module manufacturer and world’s leading PV factory.

Technology and products innovation and application are Risen Energy’s two key drivers.

To facilitate technological innovation and application, Risen Energy allied with Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) and China Jiliang University respectively. Based on active external collaboration and continuous internal R&D innovation, Risen Energy has made remarkable accomplishment in solar cell and module research and development. At present, Risen Energy is the first PV manufacturer to realize the mass production of 370W high-efficiency modules for “China Top Runner” products and owns a total production capacity of 1 GW. At the same time, Risen Energy’s high-efficiency modules have realized an average cell efficiency of 22.19%, with the maximum production line efficiency up to 22.51%. It allows Risen Energy to be the world’s first PV manufacturer who realized the GW–scale (about 2GW) mass production for high-efficiency technology.

In regard to product and technology application, Risen Energy has thousands of projects developed and delivered globally, widely spread along the “Belt and Road” areas and countries including Indonesia, India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cambodia and so on. Risen Energy already has a cumulative installation amount of 15GW worldwide. Recently, in Southeast Asia, Risen Energy has successively obtained 161MW projects in Vietnam and signed a 62MW module supply agreement.

In Central Asia, Risen Energy’s 40MW and 63MW PV power plant projects in Kazakhstan acquired the financing from European EBRD bank, injecting a lasting impetus into the company’s expansion into the global market. In Africa, Risen Energy’s team in Africa has just signed a 50MW mono-crystalline PERC HC module supply agreement, and the product supply will be officially shipped in the first quarter of 2019. In Australia, the company has successively obtained the development right of the Yarranlea Solar Power plant in Queensland and the Merredin Photovoltaic Project in Western Australia.

President of Risen Energy, Hong WANG commented: “Focusing on ‘Two New Strategies’, Risen Energy will be committed to new energy and new materials to form a ‘One Body Two Wings’ business structure, including solar cells, energy storage and new materials. We will unswervingly provide highly efficient and best cost-effectiven ‘China Technology’ and ‘China Solution’ to further increase globalization pace. Apart from the dedication to emerging markets with great potential, we are also optimistic about some traditional markets, such as the PV market outlook in Europe.

We are particularly bullish about the Eastern European market, where the Polish market has attracted our most attention. We have been continuously paying attention to the Polish Photovoltaic market and plan to develop our business into various industrial segments: large-scale bidding projects, industrial & commercial projects and consumer-side system projects. Of course, large-scale bidding projects are the most attractive segment, in which we are gradually taking the lead. However, we are also the provider of micro-power station project solutions, committed to providing the best price performance ratio products and solutions. Besides, we are actively looking for a trusted and experienced partner who can work closely with us and allow us to be the best local installer

With world’s leading automatic factory, efficient global supply chain, advanced technologies and products, Risen Energy, has provided our service to many country markets. It’ worth mentioning that Risen Energy attaches great importance to the overall product quality control and offers customers a 12-year product warranty which only a few companies can offer in the industry. With the above advantages, it is reasonable to believe that it is only a matter of time before we become the leading photovoltaic module supplier in Poland.”

As of today, Risen Energy has shipped more than 20MW modules to Poland, and is expecting another 20MW sales order to be signed shortly after. Risen Energy is optimistic about Eastern Europe’s PV market trend, especially Polish PV market, and is dedicated to bringing better products, technologies and services to more areas of the world. We look forward to a more “rising” year for Risen Energy.


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