CPC 4th (2019) Century Photovoltaic Conference of 2019

Although the Chinese domestic PV market had to endure the challenges presented by “Policy 531” in 2018, many established companies were actually able to progressively detach themselves from the limitations associated with relying on subsidies, evident by the fact that newly installed capacity was as high as 34.54GW in the first three quarters of 2018 alone. Analysts predict that, once the sector matures to the point of being able to provide inexpensive electricity prices to all consumers, PV industry will become the industry with the most potential.

With “breakthrough, innovate, lead, and empower” as this year’s summit’s main topics of discussion, the CPC will facilitate discussions on cutting edge technology advancements and other aspects within the industry such as policy outlook and overall status on industry performance. At the same time, the CPC encourages cooperation and networking between PV experts, hoping to provide a communication platform for industry insiders to brainstorm and connect with one another to increase the sharing of expertise. Ushering in a new era by working together to help China’s PV and other alternative energy products and services reach new heights in quality and brand recognition.


Thursday, may 9, 2019

Plenary Session

Friday, may 10, 2019

Host city

Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences(No. 38 Pujian Road, Shanghai 200127 China)

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Theme I

Discuss how current macroeconomic environments, both national and global, influence photovoltaic energy advancements
Discuss the possible direction and vision of future photovoltaic industry policies in China.
Discuss the impact of large scale conversion to alternative energy sources and the impact this has on the current Chinese power grids.
Discuss the direction of China’s energy reform policy and investment opportunities that will follow.

Theme II

Announcement ceremony for the 2018 PVBL Chinese Photovoltaic Brand Rankings

Theme III

Explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the marriage of alternative energy and block chain technology and the effects it has on the investment landscape.  
Explore the market demand for distributed photovoltaics as well as energy storage systems.
Explore market demand for high efficiency photovoltaic modules and the progression of its research and development.
Explore expectations of the Chinese capital market on the emergent alternative energy sector and discuss their evaluation and analysis on the subject.

Theme IV

Discuss the opportunities and challenges brought forth by the “Belt and Road Initiative” as well as global expansion into emergent alternative energy markets in countries such as: USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, and India.
Explore existing viable PV business models and discuss how to effectively manage problematic aspects afflicting these current operating practices.
Discuss the expected commercial value of PV markets in the foreseeable future as well as investing and financing plans for segmented PV markets.

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