ReneSola Polycrystalline PV Modules Power 44.5KW in Colorado Solar Projects

ReneSola Ltd (“ReneSola”) (NYSE: SOL), a leading brand and technology provider of solar photovoltaic (“PV”) products, today announced its collaboration with Solar Side Up of Golden, Colorado in a series of projects totaling 44.5KW in solar PV arrays in the past two months.

A combination of ReneSola’s high-efficiency 250W and 255W polycrystalline modules were selected for several solar arrays in Golden, CO equating to 44.5KW of power, and implemented by experienced Golden-based solar energy integrator Solar Side Up.

Concerning the many more collaborative projects between ReneSola and Solar Side Up in the pipeline, Mr. Kevin Chen, president of ReneSola America stated, “We are happy to have partnered with Solar Side Up in executing the installation of several recent solar arrays in Colorado, and are excited to be collaborating with them on future solar project endeavors. We acknowledge Solar Side Up’s high product quality expectations as an integrator, and are pleased to have been selected to power their projects based on their recognition of our high-efficiency solar products.”

Mr. Jeff Fleischman, owner of Solar Side Up stated, “ReneSola offers us very competitive manufacturer pricing with direct delivery to our project sites. The modules perform better than the competition and our clients have been very happy with the finished look and performance. This new partnership allows us both to provide quality solar installations that will perform at a high level for many years to come.”


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