Menlo Electric Helps Power Healthcare in Ukraine with Solar Installation at Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital

Menlo Electric in close cooperation with Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation has successfully installed the first hybrid solar installation at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine

PVTIME – The Ukrainian charity organization Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation held the official opening of the hybrid solar system at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital. Menlo Electric donated solar panels for the project and the Garnier brand acted as a charity partner.

Menlo Electric is committed to making a positive impact on society. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called “Energy to Power Your Future,” Menlo installs solar power systems free of cost at institutions that care for children.

As part of a long-term partnership, the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation and Menlo Electric will jointly develop solar and storage installations for schools and hospitals in Ukraine. In the first phase of cooperation, they will equip 10 Ukrainian hospitals and schools with solar power stations with a total output of 300 kW. The project aims to ensure a reliable electricity supply for the critical needs of hospitals and schools through hybrid solar power and energy storage systems.

Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital, which is the leading institution for the treatment of children in the region, became the first hospital installation for Menlo Electric in frames of its CSR program in Ukraine.  

Hybrid solar systems on the roof of the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital.

The solar system, which consists of solar panels with a capacity of 44.6 kW and an energy storage system with a capacity of 96 kWh, was installed to autonomously power critical equipment in the hospital building, which houses the neonatal and premature infant intensive care units. This system will allow the building to work in autonomous mode for up to 8 hours in the event of a blackout. The expected savings of the hospital on electricity costs will amount to about 5,000 euros annually, and the reduction of CO2 emissions will reach 1,139 tons over the 25 years of operation of the system.

‘As a company, we have always believed in giving back to society and the environment, and our corporate social responsibility program is a testament to this belief. In June 2022, Menlo launched the “Energy to Power Your Future” CSR program, in which we install solar systems for free in child care facilities. We strongly believe that the health and well-being of children is an integral part of the future, and this program is our way of contributing to the realization of that vision.’ – said Krystyna Kacperska, marketing manager of Menlo Electric.

Representatives from Menlo Electric and the Energy Act for Ukraine at the opening event at the hospital.

‘A solar station with energy storage at the neonatal building is a fact of our victory over darkness and the fact that we find new approaches to life and its development during the darkest times. This hybrid solar system will not only be a guaranteed source of back-up power supply, it will also help the hospital to be energy independent from the grid despite unfavorable circumstances. This project also has an ecological and economic effect, because it brings thousands of tons of non-generated CO2 emissions and savings on utility costs.’- said Yuliana Onishchuk, founder and CEO of the Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation.

‘During the hours of blackouts, there were patients who needed urgent medical care. Our doctors replaced electrical equipment by manually providing breathing assistance instead of using artificial ventilation systems. Our surgeons operated under the light of flashlights, while our nurses bandaged patients using the light from their phones. All of this was a part of our daily life. Therefore, we greatly appreciate all the possibilities of additional energy supply, and we are very grateful that our hospital is the first in the region to have solar panels.’ – summed up Tetyana Lebedeva, head of the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital.

Menlo Electric and the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation are installing a new solar station at Chernihiv Secondary School #3 as part of their joint efforts to develop solar and storage installations for schools and hospitals in Ukraine.