Heraeus Offers High Adhesion Metallization Pastes

The adhesion of silver metallization pastes to silicon is a vital requirement in the production of solar cells and modules. Experts at the Heraeus Photovoltaics Business Unit believe this is a very important parameter which should be viewed along with the electrical performance. Mechanical reliability is critical in how modules are evaluated.

“During our product development, we focus on improving paste formulations to increase the electrical and mechanical performance of solar cells. Adhesion is a very critical component to mechanical performance of cells. We will not sacrifice the mechanical performance and reliability of cells during our paste development process,” stated Dr. Weiming Zhang, Vice President of Technology for the Heraeus Photovoltaic Business Unit. He continues to say, “We believe that maintaining a high adhesion of the metallization paste to the solar cells is an important characteristic for cell production.”

The Heraeus Photovoltaics Business Unit, a recognized leader in the development of thick film pastes for the solar industry, continues to focus their research and development on the performance of their metallization pastes for crystalline solar cells. Though efficiency and lowering the cost per watt per solar cell are critical goals of their research and development, the adhesion of the paste to the cell is viewed as critical as well.

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