GoodWe Demonstrates Prowess in the 80MW PV Project in Gansu, China

PVTIME – As China is actively pushing its decarbonisation agenda to become a carbon-neutral economy by 2060, it is particularly important to boost innovation in the application of green technologies and business models. Keeping up with this vision, new & innovative solar projects are being adopted for a reliable & clean source of energy. GoodWe, the world-leading PV inverter supplier, has greatly empowered an 80MW PV project in China’s Gansu province.

80MW PV Project in Gansu Province, China

80MW PV Project in Gansu Province, China

Once as an important hub along the original Silk Road, Gansu province has seen commercial and cultural exchanges between the East and West since ancient times. Because of China’s new Belt and Road initiative, the past “pearl” of the trade route is glowing again. The recent PV project in Gansu’s Dunhuang and Zhangye cities undoubtedly gives additional force to the rebirth of this area, especially regarding to environmental protection and economic development.

Situated at the edge of the vast Gobi Desert, Dunhuang city boasts long hours of strong sunshine throughout the year, but it is thus characterised by dry air, high temperatures and widespread dust. Harsh environmental conditions like these make for high demands of advanced & powerful solar technologies. Because of the proven cutting-edge technology and trustworthy performance, 356 sets of GoodWe GW225K-HT inverters are used in this project, which ensure an annual average power generation of 186.84 million kWh and a significant reduction on carbon dioxide emission by 142,800 tons.

As a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer, GoodWe has never stopped seeking technological innovation. With its continuous investment in ground-mounted power plants and large-scale energy bases, GoodWe has been recognized by more and more customers and can definitely play a key role in developing global solar markets and helping more cities and areas take advantage of renewable clean energy.