GM of FUJI China visited Zeversolar

GM of FUJI China, Mr. Chuang Guchuan visited Zeversolar on April 10, 2012, and GM of Zeversolar, Miss Ningning accompanied guests to visit our production centers, research centers and other functional departments, as well as Zeversolar cultural walls.

Miss Ning said hello to the guests, introduced current situations and future plans of Zeversolar after the merger. Mr. Chuang Guchuan gave full recognition of the achievements made by us and felt confident for our future development. He also made a comprehensive introduction to the advantages of FUJI IGBT modules that we are using. We carried out in-depth discussion on future cooperation and finally reached strategic partnership.

In addition to world-renowned Fujifilm, FUJI explores innovations in pharmaceuticals, high-performance materials, and many other high-tech fields. The cooperation with FUJI undoubtedly provided strong support and powerful guarantee for us on producing high-performance products.


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