Energy Storage 2012

Energy storage is a game-changer, a way to bring renewables more fully into the smart grid mix and ease the increasingly-complex problems of load management. According to recent report, 262.5 billion dollars have been invested in US energy storage project last year with an increasing 671% than 2010. While in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan, large-scale energy storage will be one of the priority direction of development in order to not only improve the safety, reliability of electricity transmission but also solving renewable energy integration The plan also involved 6-10MW wind turbine manufacturing, 100MW integrated PV system which based on the electricity storage technology.

As the emerging players begin rolling out new technologies and initiating strong alliances. But which storage technologies will show the greatest growth? How will the electric automobiles reaching the market impact the grid? Will government mandates on renewable portfolios include storage? Most of these issues have been discussed by the leading players like State Grid and AES Corp in our previous sold-out edition. This time we will discussed how to driving strategic power industry transformation through energy storage technologies? How to support energy distribution challenges? Designed by the industry for the industry, the CBI Energy Storage 2012 is the only forum in China that brings together all the key components and challenges onto this stage .Whether you are focusing on the smart grid, renewable energy, enabling applications and technologies, this event has the answer to your most pressing issues.


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