Grace Solar GS Products Won Wide Popular

Grace Solar GS series has won widespread praise since it was launched. Xiamen Grace Solar adhere to the “professional, innovative” idea, engaging in tireless research and development, and strive to provide customers with better and better products. Therefore, GS Series turns up.

GS new product has the following significant advantages compared to other products:

1.Easier Installation: most diamond fixture block in the market can only be tilt-inserted into guide rail groove from single direction. While GS fixture block be symmetric D-shape and can be tilt- inserted into guide rail groove both from right and left direction.

2.More reliable: from the connection point of view, most of other products connected only by tightening the bolt, so the bolts will easily be loosened without nuts. While GS products are connected more firmly by locking the bolts with nuts.

Relying on the ability of independent innovation, Xiamen Grace Solar continues to achieve new breakthroughs, and won a good reputation in the entire PV industry.


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