Clenera, With Risen, Achieve on-Time Installation of 127.5 MWDC Solar Park During Pandemic

Risen Energy – Risen Energy Co., Ltd, a leading, Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products, confirm the timely conclusion and subsequent “ribbon cutting” ceremony at Clenera’s Wapello Solar project, Iowa’s largest solar PV power plant.

Leveraging Clenera and Risen’s historic success, Iowa’s premiere solar installation was brought online, on time and on budget in spite of the global disruption we are now all familiar with.

“Orchestrating a project installation of this scale is what we do.” explained Mr. Jason Ellsworth, CEO of Clenera, “2020 however, threw us a bit of an unforeseen “curve ball” which, in turn, made Wapello Solar a little more interesting to deliver timely. Thankfully, we can rely on some great stakeholders and technology partners such as Risen, who helped us to get across the finish line on schedule by responding to the constantly changing conditions during construction.”

Clenera is noted for taking the construction of solar power plants personally. When coupled with their extensive business acumen, technical prowess and transparent vision of the future, this personal fire allows near miraculous results, irrespective of any adversity.

“We were just glad to be able to perform as needed, and play our part in Clenera’s ongoing success story.” confirmed Mr. Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CSMO of Risen, “Forgive my colloquialism, but if your partner says the music has changed, or conditions impose a different tempo, you must both dance to a different tune, or you are not really partners. With Clenera, we’ve met our match for personal passion about solar PV, and we are excited to explore the future together.”

A relevant sentiment from Clenera: “We’re here to make solar not just a sustainable future, but a valuable one – one we all benefit from whenever we take a breath, make a business decision, or imagine the world we’re handing to the next generation”, which sums up and fundamentally underpins the desire to conclude the Wapello Solar project, not only on time, but as fast as possible. Long may it continue.