Chint/Astronergy Acquires JET Certification for Japanese Market

Chint/Astronergy announced its series of polycrystalline PV modules have gained JET certification from Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET). Acquiring the JET certification will help Astronergy exploit the booming Japanese PV market.

The certification is issued to Astronergy’s polycrystalline PV modules with output ranging from 135Wp to 320Wp in order to meet different customer demands. Because Japan is known to have high quality standards for electrical products and JET conducts stringent tests to ensure quality, the fully compliance with JET’s requirements marks the high quality of Astronergy PV modules.

The implementation of the new FIT scheme has attracted many of the world’s top PV manufacturers to enter the Japanese market. Under this program, Japan will focus more on commercial rooftop PV applications which will trigger a new growth in PV installations in the country. Japan was among the first countries that introduced FIT to promote PV industries and applications. The catastrophic nuclear leakage disaster in 2011 has led the Japanese government and its energy authority to turn to the more clean and reliable solar energy.

“Astronergy is continuously putting effort in developing new PV markets. Modules from Astronergy have been widely installed around the world and the superior performance is well recognized by investors and banks,” Astronergy’s CMO, Dr. Chuan Lu said. “We will not only sell modules, but will also invest in solar PV projects in Japan. The Japanese market is definitely one of the most important markets to us.”


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