China Adds 4.1584GW of Residential PV Capacity in First Five Months of 2021

PVTIME – In accordance with the relevant requirements of the “Notice on the Construction of Wind and Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2021” and the “Notice on Relevant Matters Regarding Residential Photovoltaic Projects in 2019”, 30 provinces in China have submitted the relevant information on residential photovoltaic projects to the National Energy Administration of China (residential photovoltaic projects in Tibet will not be eligible for financial subsidies in 2020 due to not having submitted the relevant information).

According to the information (organized by the NEA’s information management center) submitted by the provincial energy authorities and power grid enterprises, the total installed capacity of residential photovoltaic projects newly included in the national financial subsidy for the year up to the end of May was 4.1584GW.