Canadian Solar Launches 200MW Solar Power Plant in Gobi, Gansu Province, China

PVTIME – Canadian Solar, one of the world’s largest solar companies, recently announced that it is both the project contractor and supplier of PV modules and equipment for a 200MW solar power plant in Gansu Province, China.

Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu6 series (6W-MB-AG) high power double-sided modules covering 540W & 545W were selected as they have passed the basic IEC61215 & 61730 certification tests and are upgraded to meet the stringent requirements of conventional standards.As part of the megawatt-level PV base in Liugudun the south of Gansu Province, this particular 200MW solar PV power plant has to endure the harsh Gobi environment with high UV, high wind load and large temperature difference between day and night. A good solution was provided by Canadian Solar with its bifacial modules that provide excellent power generation, lower power degradation and longer product warranty, which can effectively improve the overall power generation and system stability of the power plant while reducing costs.

This PV project covers an area of 5,537 mu and the average annual operating hours of the local area is 1868 hours. When completed, the average annual power generation is estimated to be about 370 million kilowatt hours, saving about 103,000 tonnes of standard coal per year and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 275,000 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to planting 16.6 million trees. The annual output value will be about 104 million yuan, providing excellent economic benefits while protecting the environment.

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