ACC Completes 3.2MW Rooftop Solar Project for Eastroc Beverage

PVTIME – Asia Clean Capital Investment Holdings Limited (“ACC”) announced that the 3.2MW distributed rooftop solar project in cooperation with Eastroc Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Eastroc Beverage) has been successfully connected to the grid today.

ACC’s rooftop solar project on Eastroc Beverage Nanning

The completed solar project is installed on the idle roof of Eastroc Beverage’s Nanning Plant, which is invested and operated by ACC. The green electric generated by the system will be sold to the user at a competitive price. Not only does user not need any initial investment, but its energy consumption cost will be continuously reduced. 

The components, string inverters, grid-connected facilities, wires and cables of this solar project are selected from the industry’s high-quality first-line brands. The whole project construction process is always based on the four cornerstones: health and safety, emission control, quality and construction schedule to ensure quality of the system, as well as safety and efficient operation during its life cycle.

Eastroc Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd is a time-honored beverage manufacturer in Shenzhen and a listed company on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.  With the improvement of its product sales, brand reputation and influence, Eastroc Beverage has been listed in “2021 Hurun China 500” and “2021 Hurun China Food Industry Top 100” separately, and has been widely recognized by consumers and organizations.  It is a great honor for ACC to cooperate with Eastroc Beverage on the rooftop solar project, and she is looking forward to assisting more and more enterprises full of socially responsible just like Eastroc Beverage and achieve sustainable development and carbon peaking and caron neutrality goals by implementing clean energy systems as well as reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.