7 Billion Yuan! Risen Energy Partners With Yuexiu Leasing for Distributed PV Projects

PVTIME – Risen Energy Co., Ltd (Risen Energy) recently signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd (Yuexiu Leasing), a company engaged in financial services in various fields. The two sides will jointly develop distributed PV solar projects and related businesses.

Both Risen Energy and Yuexiu Leasing have been engaged in clean energy for many years and have achieved remarkable results. Risen Energy is one of the world’s leading PV production and solar power solution providers, offering customers smart energy solutions with professional and ultimate experience. And Yuexiu Leasing has been vigorously developing the distributed photovoltaic system for urban and rural households to promote China’s dual-carbon goals.

The new partnership is expected to establish an information exchange system and jointly expand the solar and PV energy business. Yuexiu Leasing relies on innovative manufacturers in the premium segment and guarantees a high level of product availability to successfully continue its growth. And it is pleased to partner with Risen Energy as it meets the criteria and enables the company to deliver on its promise of reduced electricity costs and low carbon emissions for homeowners.

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