CPS Energy to Add Historic Amount of Renewable Energy to Portfolio

Seeks RFI to identify solar, battery, and new technology solutions for FlexPOWER Bundle RFP

PVTIME - CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned, fully-integrated electric and gas utility in the United States, is taking a significant step to diversify its generation portfolio and meet the energy demands of one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The San Antonio, Texas based utility, is releasing a global Request for Information (RFI) that will help in the development of a future Request for Proposal (RFP) that will incorporate non- or low-emitting generation and demand-side resources consistent with the utility's Flexible Path vision.


The RFI will inform the design of two strategic CPS Energy initiatives, the FlexPOWER Bundle and FlexSTEP. The FlexPOWER Bundle is the next step in CPS Energy's Flexible Path, the over- arching strategy to transform the utility's generation fleet to lower and non-emitting sources for decades to come.

The information obtained through the RFI process will help CPS Energy
seek a partner or partners through a future request for proposal
process to implement the FlexPOWER Bundle. The FlexPOWER
Bundle package of cutting-edge generation and firming capacity
technologies will supplement 1,700 megawatts (MW) of aging power
generation capacity and be broadly designed to meet the needs of a
growing metropolitan service area. The FlexPOWER BundleRFP will seek to add up to 900 MW of solar, 50 MW of battery storage, and 500 MW of new technology solutions.

The RFI is also seeking information for innovative solutions and
technologies for the next phase of the utility's successful energy
efficiency program, the Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP). STEPwas
launched in 2009 and was designed to empower customers to manage their
energy consumption through efforts like energy efficiency, conservation
and adoption of renewable energy (i.e. rooftop solar). The goal of the
program was for savings of up to 771 MW, roughly the equivalent of a
power plant, over the course of 12 years. The goal was reached early –
in August of 2019 – a year ahead of schedule. 

CPS Energy is now in the one-year STEP Bridge program as it prepares to present a new, long-term version of STEP, called FlexSTEPFlexSTEP will be designed to meet the changing needs of our customers and introduce new energy efficiency technologies.

"Our CPS Energy team looks forward to joining forces with global
energy innovators who are interested in partnering with us on our Flexible Path into
the future.  We invite innovative energy and technology providers to
participate in this RFI and to provide their ideas on how to transform
our generation sources to power our future," said Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO of CPS Energy.

"The FlexPOWER Bundle initiative is as exciting as it
is important. CPS Energy has shown it is willing to embrace the kind of
bold innovation required to remain on the cutting edge of technologies
and power generation solutions that we need for a clean, sustainable
energy future," said Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antonio.
"In recent years, the utility has come a long way in developing
efficient renewable energy sources, and CPS Energy's commitment to
continue leading the way is indisputable."

CPS Energy's Guiding Pillars of Reliability, Customer Affordability,
Security, Safety, Environmental Responsibility and Resiliency are at the
basis of its Flexible Path strategy and all
the utility's decision-making processes.  As a municipally owned
utility, CPS Energy engages in actively listening to its customers and
community. Through a survey of stakeholders and customers, CPS Energy
knows affordability and service reliability are paramount to customer

CPS Energy is also committed to contributing to an environmentally clean and sustainable future for the Greater San Antonio
region. To that end, the RFI confirms the utility's continued interest
in solar photovoltaic, energy storage, demand response, and other
low-emitting sources to add more year-round, all-weather solutions.
Through the RFI process and subsequent RFP, CPS Energy is seeking to
maintain its status as a leader in renewable energy generation, as well
as energy efficiency and conservation.

"We challenge ourselves every day to think globally and act
locally.  We are therefore passionate about providing the most
beneficial technologies to our customers. We owe it to our community to
continue to maximize the assets they own, while introducing more
renewable and new technologies to take us solidly into the future,"
Gold-Williams said.

The following are key dates for the RFI:

Milestone Date
RFI Issuance July 27, 2020
Deadline for Respondent's Questions August 5, 2020
CPS Energy Responses to Submitted Questions August 12, 2020
Respondent Information Submittals Due August 31, 2020

CPS Energy is open to pre-partnered proposals; it encourages
respondents to engage with others to propose more creative and
well-thought-out solutions. 

To access the RFI, visit the CPS Energy website.
Shortly after receiving feedback, CPS Energy will launch the RFP for up
to 900 MW of solar, 50 MW of battery storage, and 500 MW of firming