Zhongli Talesun Solar Launches Talesun Smart Module on SNEC 2014

May, 20, 2014 – ZhongliTalesun Solar, a professional solar photovoltaic products manufacturer, launches all new Talesun Smart module series on SNEC 2014, International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference and Exhibition.

Through constant research and attempt, ZhongliTalesun successfully developedTalesun Smart module, which has distinct characteristics comparedwith traditional modules.

Talesun Smart module adopted built-in integrated intelligent chip rather than normal diode, which is able to collect real-time operating parameter and transfer it to the database. So operators’ can monitor every module’s operating status in real-time by smart phones and computers. Anypiece of module with defectscould be quickly positioned and maintained.

Talesun Smart technology enables every module be optimized to its maximum output, and automatically repair the un-matching problems of electrical performance. With Talesun Smart technology, we can achieve maximum 20% more energy. In normal PV array, power output could be seriously impacted because of certain pieces of modules. But such condition could be ignored if adopting Talesun Smart modules, as they can automatically repair the problem.

Besides, PV system is much safer with Talesun Smart modules. When electrical or fire accidents happen, Talesun Smart modules will automatically stop working. Also, it can realize module-level disconnection both by manual and cloud operation, which completely eliminate the danger of high voltage for emergencies and maintenance.

Talesun Smart module is suitable to all inverters. And because 30% more modules could be installed on each string, PV systems need less BOS and are more easily to be installed.

“Innovation is foothold of company’s development,” stated Mr. Zhou Jianxin, president of ZhongliTalesun Solar, “intelligentPV module is a market trend. We are very pleased to launch Talesun Smart module, which provides consumers a more intelligent and safer way to use clean energy.”


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