Zhonghuan Semiconductor Cuts Its Wafer Prices Across the Board

PVTIME – December 30, wafer manufacturer Zhonghuan Semiconductor issued its latest product prices for the month of December where prices across the board have declined.

The price for Zhonghuan’s P-type 158.75/166mm 160μm wafers have decreased by 1% to 5.00 yuan/piece and 4.90yuan/piece respectively. The price for its P-type 182mm 160μm has decreased by 0.39 yuan/piece (6.40%) to 5.70 yuan/piece. For the P-type 210mm and 218.2mm ( 160μm) the cost will be 7.70 and 8.31 yuan/piece, a decrease of 0.65 and 0.71 yuan/piece respectively from December 2nd.

Compared with the quotation on December 2nd, the two thicknesses of 170μm and 165μm have been removed. It might indicate that more and more companies prefer 160μm or even thinner silicon wafers, which may dramatically reduce production costs.