Wujun Solar N-Type TOPCon PV Module Was Put Into Mass Production

PVTIME – On February 10, 2023, Wujun Solar’ s first N-type TOPCon PV module’ s ceremony was held in Chongqing base, marking that Wujun Solar officially entered the N-type PV modules mass production track, and received the first order of 45 MW.

Wujun Solar Chongqing Base N-Type TOPCon PV First Module off the Line

Wujun Solar planning annual output of 8GW PV modules, it is reported that in April 2023, Wujun Solar has the capacity of 2GW factory in the first phase, the second phase of 6GW factory is now under intensive foundation construction. In addition to PV modules, the Chongqing base of Wujun Solar has built a daily melting capacity of 1,900 tons of 3.2mm and 2.0mm PV glass production capacity, and Wujun Solar PV glass shipments have been among the leading manufacturers in China.

It is understood that Wujun Chongqing Solar uses the most advanced and modern production and manufacturing equipment at home and abroad, and the leading process technology. Since the beginning of the factory, the introduction of domestic top 10 PV modules production enterprises of excellent production, process technology and sales talent team. PV modules and PV glass have complete CE, TUV, CGC, CQC, National Photovoltaic Quality Inspection Center and other international authority certification and import and export qualifications. At present, Wujun Solar mainly produces 182-Type of PERC and N-type PV modules, as well as 3.2mm, 2.0mm PV rolled glass, 2.0mm PV module backplane, the mass production of 210-type of large size PV modules will start in March 2023.

It is worth mentioning that, with the advantage of PV glass and midstream silicon wafer production by ourselves, Wujun Solar’ s PV module cost control is good, due to strict quality and technical requirements, has received the general favor from domestic distributors, customers and EPC enterprises, as well as the orders and consultation from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries. PV glass is welcomed by PV module manufacturers throughout the country. At present, it is a bright new star in the photovoltaic industry.