Wind Power Giant MingYang Switches on Its Third PV Company

PVTIME– Recently, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Limited (601615.SH), a wind power corporation primarily focused on the R&D of megawatt-level large wind turbines and core components, established a photovoltaic entity with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

The new company, know as Ming Yang Ruike PV Film Technology (Guangdong) Co., is wholly owned by Ming Yang Smart Energy Group. Its primary operations comprise the production of photovoltaic equipment and components, specialized equipment for semiconductor devices, and technical services for energy storage.

To expand the PV business, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group established two subsidiaries in Guangdong and Shaoguan of China with a combined registered capital of 300 million yuan in June and August 2022. The main focus of these companies is the production and sale of photovoltaic equipment and components, along with technological services for solar power generation, and leasing of photovoltaic power generation equipment. Additionally, research and development of emerging energy technologies and services for energy storage technologies are also carried out.

Furthermore, according to the official website, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group has mastered not just heterojunction but also advanced perovskite technology and the latest generation of cadmium telluride thin PV film technology. Its new-generation CdTe thin-film cells and modules can be widely used in centralised and distributed PV power stations as well as in PVBI projects.

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