Who sing the Song of Ice and Fire of PV Industry

A Song of Ice and Fire, a science fantasy fiction written by famous American science fantasy fiction writer George R.R.Martin, 2011 has been adapted for TV play, after put on the screen, this millstone fiction was quickly spreading like fire, swept the world. 

The same 2011 what was opposite to the work, the sunrise industry global PV industry, which intimately linked with the fiery hot sun, just encountered a chilly ice-cold winter.

Since 2011, European nations have substantially adjusted the PV industry policies, the PV module price largely fell, the development of PV manufacture took a sudden turn and became worse suddenly, sales decreased , stocks rapidly increased, many firms fell into a small profit or loss, some adopted cutting jobs , recombination, some stopped operation even filed to bankruptcy protection, facing many difficulties. 

The PV industry fills with suffers, however, is it the time dark night before dawn come, is anyone who can sing the song of ice and fire, to welcome the rising of the sun after through the carnage.

Let’s see the faint spark of light behind the ice chill.

1. As the PV mount install cost fell sharply, the global PV install quantity largely rose.2011, the global PV install quantity increased rapidly, amounted to 27.7GW, rose by 70% compared to 2010, which is far beyond early year expectation. The European traditional markets install quantity had large increase, Asia, North America areas also have considerable increase, and China the most.2011, newly increased install quantity are more than 2GW in China, 1.1GW newly increased install quantity in Japan, 700MW in Australia, 300MW in India.

 2. Opposite to Europe PV Fit reduce policy, Asian countries including China, India and Japan have not cut down PV preferential policies but strengthened them. The Africa, Middle East, South America areas also adopts active policies to launch the PV market.

3. The solar power will be more competitive in coming years. As reported, there are some silicon wafer manufactures have designed thinner silicon wafer through new technology. Most 180 microns wafer nowadays can be thinned to 25 microns without reducing the performance, which can cut down50% high quality silicon waste during nowadays production technology. And there are some Japanese companies designed high efficient solar cell production solutions which can use this thinner wafer. It is said that about 10 years, solar panel price can be cut down by 50% compared now, which may enough to compete with unrecyclable energy price.

4. Solar power station construct cost continuously falls. Power facilities, inventors, wiring and financing cost will constantly decrease in the global market competition. China always be the leading maker of PV construction should thanks to the more cost effective PV accessories than other nations’.The quality Chinese PV companies will develop and expand on the road of lower cost ,higher technical level and more energy saving environment protection. Like Xiamen Grace Solar PV mounting system  sales in 2011 has exceeded to  other years’combined total.

The coming of grid parity era, reduction of government subsidy, pain of self-reliance develop, is it that global PV crisis a danger or an opportunity, is solar energy ice or fire, is new energy market a red sea or blue sea, might just be only a thin line between or only between a read.


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