JA Solar: Powering Hope in Haiti. Working with NRG and the Clinton Foundation to bring solar electricity.

Jonathan Pickering, President of JA Solar Americas represented JA Solar in a delegation organized by David Crane the CEO of NRG. NRG is one of the US’s largest utility companies and one of the most forward thinking power generators in the USA. NRG’s subsidiary, NRG Solar is one of JA’s newest customers and owns the largest portfolio of solar generating assets  in the USA.
The delegation was focused on reviewing how we can bring affordable renewable energy to Haiti. Solar power is the top candidate for the island development. The Caribbean insulation  is excellent and essentially constant through the months of the year.
Haiti has suffered through years of corrupt government administrations over the last fifty years. The capital, Port au Prince was devastated by the earthquake in January, 2010 which killed over 220,000 people and left 1.5 million people homeless. Even, prior to the earthquake over 50% of the population were living in abject poverty with poor sanitation, health care, education, and very limited access to electricity. There are signs of progress with the re-construction work underway, but there are still people living in tents.
NRG Foundation $1,000,000 Pledge of Support
Through the Clinton Foundation, NRG has pledged $1M to support relief and development efforts in Haiti. JA Solar has donated 100kWp of solar panels to support to NRG’s efforts.
Trina Solar and Suntech management were also part of the delegation which included Paul Farmer the President of Partners In Health an international non-profit organization which has build world class health care facilities across the developing world. Bill Clinton lead the delegation which visited a fish farm, a school and the new hospital in Boucan Carre. All these facilities are being equipped with solar power.
The Carribean has the most expensive electric power in world. Haiti has the most expensive electricity in Carribean. The island relies on diesel and heavy fuel oil for power generation which is expensive and dirty. Schools and hospitals on very limited budgets cannot afford to pay for the expensive fuel to power generators.
JA Solar Panel Donation
Part of JA’s 100kWp panel donation will be used to power a fish farm in the central highlands of Boucan Carre in Haiti. The solar electricity is used to drive pumps which aerate and filter water in the fish tank. Please find below a picture of a solar panels installation which also shade the fish tanks below. The electric power saves thousands of dollars per month in diesel fuel. Fish provides a much needed nutrition to the under nourished people and creates new jobs and opportunities.  

Boucan Carre Solar Powered Fish Farm
An immense expansion in the production capacity of the fish farm occurs as a result of the addition of solar power increasing yields by a factor of thirty: The fish farm can provide over 5,000 tons of cultivate fish per year. The solar electric power enables an increase in production of a factor of thirty times. The delegation met with Dr. Val who has dedicated years of his life years to bring the fish farming know how and expertise to Haiti
“It was a great honor to represent the employees of JA Solar in this delegation with NRG Solar and the Clinton Foundation”, said Jonathan Pickering. “We were privileged to meet with former US President Clinton. Bill Clinton thanked JA Solar at a Press Conference and in response we were able to say a few words to the audience about JA Solar’s commitment to Haiti. It was inspiring to see what a dramatic difference solar power can make to the lives of people that do not have access to reliable or affordable electricity”

Left: David Crane CEO of NRG, Dr. Val, Bill Clinton and Mark Kingsley CCO of Trina Solar visit the fish farm. (left to right)

Right: Bill Clinton and Jonathan Pickering

JA Solar will continue to support these efforts. If you have any questions or comments please contact Jonathan at jonathan@jasolar.com.



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