VIPlant from Samil Power: Monitor Your Own PV System

Samil Power debuts its advanced monitoring app named VIPlant for Android/iPhone systems, which can be downloaded at Apple Store or Android Market for free. The whole layout is compatible forAndroid and IOSdisplays, and there are only three steps of installation via Android/ IOS system. Let’s take Android system as an example,

Step 2: Search VIPlant
Step 3: Down load and install itIntelligent monitoring functions of VIPlant enable customers the chance to monitor their plants. Convenience, Informativeness and Personalization are the three major features. It is user-friendly due to its easy understanding report and world-wide access; it is informative in regards to plant data monitoring, data statistics and maintenance of each inverter; it is personalized through IOS or Andriod system monitoring. Customers who invest in solar with VIPlant will enjoy a safe heaven under such app. Inverters from Samil Power retain its popularity via reliable quality, high efficiency, and other outstanding specifications. Coupled with intelligent interactive monitoring system, Samil Power can further stand out from the crowd.


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