New Model Inverters from Samil Power Listed in Australia’s Clean Energy Council

Samil Power has announced its new model inverters have been successfully listed in Australia’s Clean Energy Council. The listed three inverters are SolarRiver 3400TL-D, SolarRiver 4500TL-D and SolarRiver 5200TL-D, which is another breakthrough after SolarRiver series’ ranking among that institution list, furthering its market exploring in Australia. Recognized as the supreme authorities in regards to clean energy, Australia’s Clean Energy Council is renowned for strict tests. Specifically, the provided testing data from third-party lab ensures products’ safety and outstanding performance. Once products have been put in the CEC’s recognition products’ list, government subsidy will be available and what’s more important is, customers’ preference will be grasped as well.

The launched new model inverters adopt leading-edge technology, such as dual MPPT for independent or parallel input mode, transformerless H6 Topology, Embedded DC switch, wide MPPT voltage and RS485, GPRS, Wifi and Ethernet communication for more flexible configuration and monitoring.


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