Triumph of PV Grid-tie 216KW Solar Plant in Montpellier by Samil Power

French manager of Samil Power was proud to announce the triumph of PV Grid-tie solar plant in Montpellier France. Twelve competent SolarLake 17000TL inverters are supplied by Samil Power, comprising 216KW in total.
Montpellier, bordering the Mediterranean Sea with mild climate and breath-taking landscape, is in favor of solar plant construction. Coupled with governmental support, an awful lot of PV investors have been drawn to invest there.
Boasting its technical advantage, Samil Power has focused attention in mature European market. The highly rated quality has been successfully acknowledged through installations in large-scale solar grid-tie plant, governmental image projects, environmental-friendly power station and residential roofs. High reliability and brilliant product design contribute to making Samil Power high reputation and the darling of solar inverters in European countries.
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Company Profile
Samil Power Co., Ltd. is specialized in solar photovoltaic GRID-TIED INVERTERS’ development, manufacture, sales and service.
Boasting the world’s largest R&D team, the quality of the inverters has been proved by over 50,000 homes. With wide product ranges, Samil Power offers SolarRiver, SolarLake and SolarOcean series to satisfy various power concerns. Samil Power inverters comply with 16 countries grid connection standards.
The inverters superb features offer distinct advantages over similar products from other manufactures. In 2011, Samil Power became the No.1 inverter exporter in China and the second largest inverter company in terms of sales volume in China. Notably, inverters from Samil Power are crowned to be the NEW CHAMPION reigning over all of Asian inverters tested by Photon Lab.
Furthermore, Samil Power has setup local subsidiaries and local services teams to simplify the communication and reduce the service response time. The offices are in Australia, Germany, Italy, UK and India.

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