Bengbu Institute Signs a Cooperation Agreement with NJIT

On April 13, Mr. Peng Shou, president of Bengbu Design and Research Institute for Glass Industry (Bengbu Institute), board chairman and president of CTIEC and Mr. Sebastian Donald Hugh, president of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), signed on the strategic cooperation agreement in NJIT, USA. The signing of the agreement marks the two sides will comprehensively cooperate in talent training, technical exchange and R&D for emerging industries. This is not only the cooperation between CTIEC and New Jersey, but also a new model of industry-university-research cooperation between China and America.

Mr. Ye Dongbai, science and technology counselor of Chinese general consulate in New York, president Sebastian Donald Hugh and president Peng Shou, respectively made a speech in the signing ceremony. Mr. Zhuang Jia and Mr. Fu Kefei, consul and vice consul of Chinese general consulate in New York, Mr. Tao Ligang and Mr. Wang Congxiao, president assistant of CTIEC, attended the signing ceremony.
According to the agreement, Bengbu Institute and NJIT will regularly carry out senior science & technology management talent training, develop the stable technical exchange approach for solar PV industry, and by the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Float Glass of Bengbu Institute and NJIT solar energy research center, overall expand the industry-university-research cooperation in emerging industries and jointly lead new technology and new industry development of the global solar PV industry.

Counselor Ye Dongbai, congratulated the successful signing of the cooperation agreement at the beginning of his speech. He said the content of the cooperation between the two sides are the development direction and the fashionable field for the future science & technology. Because this is the transnational industry-university-research cooperation instead of that in China, the both sides need each other’s complementary advantages and are expected to become a model of cooperation to extend more widely science and technology cooperation between the two countries. In the past, we carried out more industry to industry or technology to technology cooperation internationally, but this is the new overall cooperation from upstream to downstream, opening the new mode of cooperation between the Americas and Sino-US.

President Peng Shou expressed in his speech that the comprehensive cooperation with NJIT in the management, technology, industry and the talent training, is the development strategy of Bengbu Institute and even CNBM. This is not only the cooperation between CNBM and New Jersey, but also the science and technology cooperation between China and the United States. With the high-speed development between China and the United States, we are full of confidence to cooperation prospect. He hoped that the two sides start the cooperation content based on the agreement as soon as possible and jointly open more bright future.


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