To Accelerate the Pace of Market Promotion,Sofar Solar Will Display in the Six Countries Exhibition

Sofar solar has announced that it will show its solar inverters, hybrid inverters in 7 exhibitions, which are held in China, Japan, Pakistan, Netherlands, South Korea,Vietnam in March and April to accelerate the promotion and deepening of the market layout and achieve the established sales objectives to lay a solid foundation.

As the important parts of the global market for Sofar solar,China, Japan, Pakistan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Viet Nam,, Sofar solar has been distributed in the above countries since 2014. The brand, product and service of Sofar solar have been entrenched as well. In 2019, Sofar solar will be based on the market accumulation to continue multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional addition, to enhance the core competitiveness of the market.

In order to meet the requirements of different markets for products and technology sofarsolar will continuously increase investment in research and development and production, and enhance the core competitiveness of products and technologies.

According to Sofar solar’s research and development, production planning, Sofar solar will launch many new product to attract consumers as well as corporate buyers, such as three generation inverters, three-phase storage inverters,etc in 2019,which can ensure Sofarsolar’s products keep in leading level in the research and development, innovation. And Sofarsolar hopes that can provide the customers with rich products type selection, create more value for customers.


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