The Pricing Announcement of Solar Cells of Tongwei Solar

PVTIME – Tongwei Solar (TW Solar), a leading company dedicates to R&D, manufacture and marketing of core solar products, has released its cell prices across the board on October 25. The following are quotations of mainstream high-efficiency mono cells. 

All the prices of its mainstream solar cells remain the same compared with that released on September 27, 2022.

The price of 166mm mono PERC cell is 1.31yuan/W and those of 182mm and 210mm mono PERC cells are 1.33 yuan/W.

The thickness of TW’s 182mm and 210mm mono PERC cells decreased to be 150μm, which were 155μm previously. While the thickness of the 166mm mono PERC cell remains 160 μm as the same.