The GoodWe MT Inverters Incorporate DC Arc-Default Circuit Protections Complying with UL1699B, According to Letter of Attestation from CSA Group.

The potential for fires in buildings related to PV installations is one of the most important concerns of regulators, installers and users when considering whether or not to install PV energy on either residential or commercial premises. The DC arc-fault circuit protection is the most important defense against fires caused by arcing faults inherent to PV systems. The GoodWe C & I inverters incorporate DC arc-fault circuit protections in accordance with international standards. 

GoodWe is pleased to share to its partners and friends that it has obtained a Letter of Attestation from the Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA Group) stating that the GoodWe inverters of the models GW50K-MT, GW60K-MT , GW50KN-MT , GW60KN-MT, GW70KHV-MT, GW80KHV-MT, GW50KBF-MT, GW60KBF-MT, GW80KBF-MT, GW80K-MT and GW80KB-MT, after testing, comply with the UL1699B standard (Issue Number 2, January 14, 2013) – Outline of Investigation for Photovoltaic (PV) DC Arc-Fault Circuit Protection. This standard comprises the following tests:  Humidity Test, Voltage Surge Test, Environmental Test Sequence, Unwanted Tripping Test, Operation  Inhibition Tests, the Masking the Signal to Operate Test as well as the Line Impedance Test.

Meeting the regulations in place in the North American markets and particularly those related to DC Arc-Fault Circuit Protection is one of the highest priorities of GoodWe. This Letter of Attestation constitutes one step forward in the direction of providing all the necessary comfort and peace of mind to the users as well as the authorities regulating the PV market across the Commercial & Industrial Photovoltaic Segments of that region.

2018 was a year of commercial success and expansion across the world for the GoodWe C & I inverters, particularly those of the MT family. Over the past months, different versions and qualities of the GoodWe MT inverters have been selected for industrial projects in India and Brazil, involving in many cases Western EPCs that have opted for GoodWe for their great value. 

The inverters of the MT family tested by the CSA Group are a ready and safe supply option for the booming C & I North American PV Markets and GoodWe trusts that this Letter of Attestation will contribute to raise their commercial profile and highlight their viability, allowing for their participation in regional C & I projects.


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