The 12th China Photovoltaic Exhibition and Conference

The 12th China Photovoltaic Exhibition and Conference

Date: 5th-7th September 2012 Location: Beijing•China International Exhibition Center

Organiser: Chinese Renewable Energy Society

Undertaker: China Photovoltaic Society

Shanghai Newgrace Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

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Strategic Partnership Unit: Photovoltaic Times Newspaper

China Photovoltaic Exhibition and Conference ( Branded as CPVC),after a leapfrog development in past 11 sessions, have gained wide brand reputes and support in China PV Industry. Our exhibition has been accepted as the weathervane and booster of the solar industry development, selected as the preferred platform for solar enterprises both from China and worldwide!

Focusing on China—The largest and most rapid-growing Photovoltaic power market!

Chinese Government has set ambitious goals for PV industry in its national act"Photovoltaic Power Generation Guideline for 12th Five-year" China Energy Bureau also declare to promote the national PV Power installation to 10GW for the 12nd five-year plan, ultimately raise to 50GW in 2020.It is commonly agreed that due to the high labor cost and operation fees, the traditional Europe &America PV players have all transferred to the new-emerging market: China. Supported by the favorable national policy, Chinese PV manufacturing enterprises will step into a new development era, giving them ambitious confidence to expand its manufacturing capability and market scale worldwide.

The Publication of China Solar Feed-in tariff policy to assist the development of internal solar power market and to stimulate the manufacturing Capacity

China National Development& Reform Committee (NDRC have issued an formal policy named as On NPRC s Amendment and Regulation of Solar Feed-in tariff Policy, marked government‘s first step to formally encourage the Solar development in national scale. The publication of the policy will improve the dilemma of powerful Manufacturing capacity Vs Lackness of domestic market demand (90 percent of China solar product are for Overseas markets) in solar enterprise development,the policy function as the key to open the Chinese PV power market.

Large Scale, Internationalized PV Ceremony!

The record-breaking 12th CPVC, with more than 50 thousand m2 areas,

54238 professional visitors from 43 countries,1000 exhibitors, was considered as the one of the Top three exhibition in China.

Professional, Brand-gathering Business Opportunity!

Market Enlargement Industry chain matching and Brand promotion are the core

mission of 12thCPVC. We will create business excellence in assisting you on streamlining your business channel, Searching for potential buyer and cooperating with china partner in wide selected range.

The conference organizer will hold a series of high quality forums and symposiums, China ‘s Renewable Energy Association Committee , Chinese Renewable Energy Society PV branch ,Newgrace International Exhibition Co.,Ltd and other foreign and domestic partners together . We invite foreign and domestic experts and the leaders of the well-known international PV companies to discuss hot topics in PV industry ,deliver the lastest information of R&D of new products ,industrial development , new technology and the marketing trends, have become the industry eye-focusing and solar enpertrise s can not-to-be missed event!

【Exhibition Time 】

Registration time: September 3-4, 2012 Move –in Time: September 3-4, 2012

Show Time : September 5-7, 2012 Move-out Time: September 7, 2012

【Exhibition Venue 】Beijing•New China International Exhibition Center

【Exhibition Scope】

1. Production Equipment: Crystalline Ingot Growing, Wafer production equipment, Cell production equipment, module production equipment, thin film production equipment.

2. PV Cells: Monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells, amorphous cells, and other thin-film battery;

3. Solar components: Batteries, Charge, Controllers, Converters, Monitoring Systems, Inverters, Mounting Systems, Trackers, Outdoor Tester

4. Solar Materials: polycrystalline, ingots, Monocrystalline,paste, glass, film.

5. Solar Applications: Popular Lighting Products, Portable Solar Power Supply Products, Water Pumps and Fountains, Other PV Consumer Products

6 .Photovoltaic engineering and systems: grid systems, independent power systems, solar air conditioning systems, rural photovoltaic systems, solar detection and control systems, process control engineering and software development and project management systems;

7. Ultra-pure water equipment, photovoltaic cells, silicon ultra-pure water equipment, ultra-pure silicon devices, silicon / polysilicon production process with ultra-pure water equipment;

8. Assessment / Testing / Analysis Zone: battery measuring instruments, solar simulators, thickness measuring instruments, electrical measuring instruments, optical radiation equipment, spectral sensitivity measurement device, the substrate detector, visual inspection equipment, various types of testers, and other assessments, testing and analytical equipment;

9 .Clean / ESD Protection District: sterile overalls, gloves, protective masks, anti-static shoes, clean rollers, rubber anti-static cleaning products, all kinds of anti-static rollers, brushes, electrostatic protection devices, products, without dust room, clean bench, isolation rooms, particle counter, air conditioning, filters, and other clean room related products;

10 Service Provider: Association, consultants, market research and analysis, engineering and energy systems, monitoring, technology transfer and training, banks and financial companies, the media industry。

Exhibition Space / kind of Stand

Ownership Stand booth fee (3m×3m) RAW SPACE36m²or larger
Domestic Companies 9800RMB/booth 1000RMB/m2
Joint venture 11000RMB/booth 1100RMB/m2
Foreign Companies EURO2600€/booth EURO260€/m2
Member(local) 9000 RMB/booth 960 RMB/m2        
Member(abroad) EURO2300€/booth EURO230€/m2
Standard booth Standard booth includes three panels, carpet, one desk (information desk), two chairs, two spotlights, one power outlet (220V/5A), fascia board with Chinese and English name ;
RAW Space Indoor raw space contains the using area and space during the exhibition time, without standard supplies.
Note To those will be participating this exhibition have the priority to be the member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society PV committee 

 To Exhibit

All categories of products listed in the exhibition scope are welcomed to the show; All exhibits passed the examination conducted by China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

 Advertisement & Service

1、The PV Times

The PV Times is a monthly magazine regarding the national photovoltaic industry information exchange hosted by Newgrace and Li De International Media and it is directive by Chinese Renewable Energy Society PV Committee. The PV Times is famous on the strong authority ,wide propagation performance and large circulation. And it is facing the a lots of PV production and distribution enterprise. The PV Times is the 1st chose of the perfect stage of the company publicity and commercial channels extension. Size:386mm(Height)*270mm(Width)



Back Cover

18000 RMB

Inside Front Cover

12000 RMB

Inside Back Cover

8000 RMB

Title Page

25000 RMB /2P


10000 RMB /2P

Inter Flyer

5000 RMB /P

1/2 Inter Flyer

3000 RMB

2Exhibition Proceedings

 The Exhibition will publish the name list and Chinese & English company profiles of all the Exhibitors for free, the contents are based on the Email from each Exhibitors .the size of Proceedings :210mm(Height) *134mm(Width)



Inside Front Cover

48000 RMB

Title Page

48000 RMB

Inside Second Cover

45000 RMB

Back Cover

50000 RMB

Color Inter Flyer

16000 RMB


30000 RMB

Black-White Inter Flyer

10000 RMB

Interiorspan of Black Cover

48000 RMB

Interiorspan of Inside Black Cover

40000 RMB

 3Show Guide

The Show Guide will include the name list and the booths of each Exhibitor, Introduce the layout of the pavilion and the related activities. The Show Guide will be provided to the   dealers, purchasers, installs and the related specialists for free. There will be 100 thousands Shoe Guides and 20 thousand are as 1 unit to sponsor. the size of the Show Guide: 240mm(Height)*170mm(Width)

Cover 30000RMB/20Thousands Back Cover 25000RMB/20Thousands
Inside Front Cover 20000RMB/20Thousands Inside Second Cover 15000RMB/20Thousands



TTL Qty :120 thousands ,20 thousand as s unit,20000RMB/unit。


Advertisement on 1 side,10 thousand as a unit,60000RMB/unit


120000RMB/12 unit(Exclusive)

Internet Exhibition


Carpet runner LOGO



  1、Complete the Application Form and sign up & stamp on, Fax or mail the Application Form back to the organization committee office

  2、The organization committee will organize the order of the booths following the order of application ,payment and confirmation ,the earlier ,the better

  3、Please Fax the TMO to The organization committee, and The organization committee will post the Exhibitor Handbook and Exhibition Confirmation 2 months before the Exhibition ‘s due date .please register with the Exhibition confirmation and get the entrance cards.

  4、the deadline of application is01/08/2012, the organization committee will keep the right to adjust parts of the booths .

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